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Got a question? Fire away! I am only too happy to discuss any queries you may have.


I have compiled a list of the most common questions I’m asked when people are considering training for their dog. I am sure I haven’t covered every question here but I am always happy to discuss your needs or concerns over the phone. The best option is often writing down any questions you may have and asking them at the initial consultation. This can allow me to give you better insight and more accurate information, advice, time-frames, etc. when I have met both yourself and your dog.

Yes, as long as the dog is physically and mentally sound..

Consultations start from $60. An agreed plan and payment program will then be discussed and offered. For more information on fees please go to our Fees Page.

The best age to start training a dog is around 8 weeks, and up to any age (as long as the dog is in relatively good health). Dogs learn best up to 16 weeks of age and socialisation is imperative during this phase.

Yes, through a combination of training individually and collectively.

The initial consultation usually lasts approximately 1 hour. Subsequent follow up sessions may not be as long, depending on the age and stage of your dog. The sessions will be tailored to you and your dog’s training needs.

Behaviour modification can be applied to minor behaviour problems like jumping, barking, mouthing to more serious problems like fear or aggression. If your dog does demonstrate the need for further work we can provide training to suit the specific behaviour modification.

Clicker training is a training method used to “mark” your dog’s behaviour using the sound of a “click” at the precise moment your dog demonstrates a positive behaviour. After our initial consultation you will be proficient using this training method either with or without a clicker.

Yes. There are many options available to explore for you and your dog. I can work with you to establish a shortlist of the most suitable areas for you to pursue next. A series of small tests will show if your dog may be best suited to for example – agility, rally, scent work or becoming a therapy dog.

Yes. Training an older dog is still possible, but time, patience and consistency will be required. Older dogs can benefit from the additional stimulation, often enhancing their longevity. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

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