Coco was a rescue dog and was in a pretty bad way when she moved into her new home:

Unfortunately Coco had been through a rough time with heavy handed owners and was neglected badly.

She suffered

  • Sever separation anxiety
  • Skin conditions & irritations
  • Dog reactive and anxiously aggressive

As you can clearly see from the photo Coco is now doing very well. She has been fortunate to go to a home with a patient and caring family who worked very hard to help her assimilate and recover from the years of neglect/abuse. Coco has very bad hip dysplasia and has a strict diet (Canidae & Under the Sun products along with a healthy dose of shark cartilage) to help manage her weight to prevent her hip condition worsening. She is now a very happy and settled dog and I am always happy to visit this special girl!

  • Breed: German Shepherd
  • Age: 7-8yrs
  • Status: Settled
  • Breeder/Rescue: Rescue