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Private Sessions / Mini Group Sessions

My private lessons are structured to meet your personal training requirements and goals, in your home environment. Our main focus will be you and your dog (or dogs) without the distraction of other clients/animals.

We will work on the basics of obedience as well as implementing a behaviour modification / obedience training program that is designed to suit your needs. Many behaviour problems cannot be dealt with effectively in a class situation. The best results can be yielded by training in an environment in which the animal is accustomed and feels secure.

Perhaps you don’t have the time to attend group classes or you just prefer to have your dog obedience-trained at home. You may opt to do both private and group classes, in which case I can assist with up coming group training programs, whilst also working with you on an individual basis, thus speeding up the learning process.

What you receive:

  • Consultation and expertise of an accredited dog trainer
  • Training programme specific to your dogs needs
  • Relevant handouts
  • Breakdown outlining further training
  • Ongoing support via email/phone call

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Training people your pet and teaching your family to handle them is only possible because I am committed to offering the very best advice, providing a great service, offering ongoing support & I absolutely love what I do…

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